• Carlton Armstrong Video link.
  • Kenneth Sarmiento, Guitarist/Producer “All guitar straps are not made equal! From the smokey club to the 100 degree blistering stage outside, the Comfort Strapp is built to last yet offers the most comfort in any guitar strap i’ve ever own. These simply are the best in the business. I’ve already owned mine for almost 10 years!!!”
  • Chuck Shirock, of SHIROCK. Video links here, here, and here.
  • George Porter Jr. New Orleans’ premier bass player
  • Lanice Morrison, Bass player for Michael McDonald: “I wish I’d come across your Comfortstrapp many years ago. The most comfortable strap going! It distributes the bass weight evenly for no-stress playing. Thanks John for a great product!”
  • Bernie Chiaravalle, Guitarist for Michael McDonald since 1988: “I can’t even consider using any other strap after using Comfort Strapps. No matter the weight or type of guitars I play, the Comfort Strapp always feel perfect. Thank you so much for making such a great strap and making my job easier!”
  • Hugh McDonald: “It’s the ONLY strap I’ll use! My back thanks you.”
  • Christophe Gutierrez of Shania Twain: “The Comfort Strapp is a real good strapp. You can hold the guitar in a good position with it, and it follows my game when I play in the all neck. Neoprene is the best matter for strapps. Thank you Comfort Strapp and keep going!”
  • Bonnie Raitt: “I love these straps…most comfortable I’ve ever tried.”
  • Victor Broden: “A strap that lightly stretches with no bungee effect has made my 120 nights a year performance schedule absolutely problem free. I love this strap and have used it for the last couple of years.”
  • Lynn Keller of Rita Coolidge and Diana Ross:
  • “Strappman – Absolute Perfection my brother!!!!  Freakin’ amazing thing you have invented there. These straps enable me to play nightly with severe back problems and an 8 pound PRS guitar strapped to my neck. All I can say is my hat’s off to you and your company and vision. Keep up the good work. Without your Comfort Strapp, there’s no way I could make it through this upcoming world tour….. Blessings to you and your loved ones. spitz”
  • Alberto Rigoni
  • Terrence “T” Hill – “Just thought I would let you know, I bought one of your strapps on a trip to L.A. In the summer of 1992. I am a professional bass player so this strapp has had hard use! I am still using the same strapp today! I did have the leather replaced in 2002, and it is about time to do it again. 20 years! Not a bad investment! Nice work guys!”
  • A devoted customer: “Hey man. I have been using the same old nylon strap for the last 5 years, and 4 days ago I bought one of your Comfort Strapps and I have to say it has never been so comfortable to rock so hard. Congratualtions on your bad ass straps. I hope you make a million dollars.”
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